“In His Steps,” By Charles Sheldon.

In my English class, we started to read a book on the social gospel, “In his steps,” by Charles Sheldon. I find the plot to be quite unbelievable at times, and their “Christian” gospel not matching what I believe as a Christian. Here I will be explaining what I think is the most unbelievable part […]

The Top Three Mistakes Young Couples Make

Here are, in my opinion, the top three mistakes that young couples make. I think that one of them is spending too much money on an engagement ring, a wedding, or a honeymoon. Two others mistakes are to underestimate how much money they need to support a household, and another one is to eat out […]

Utopian Literature, Looking Backwards

Recently I started learning and reading Utopian literature in my English class. Now Utopian literature is just an imaginative society where everything is, “perfect.” A place where the government owns everything and where socialism actually succeeds for once. The book I started studying is called, “Looking Backwards” by Edward Bellemy. Looking Backwards is a best-seller […]

My Main Financial Goals for the Future

I think it is important to have a plan for the future because then I have a goal to achieve. One of the things I really want to achieve is to have made some good investments, and as of right now, I am trying to look more into investing. Another thing I want to achieve is to […]


Inflation can make many negative effects on people, but we can stop it from making us bankrupt. Some things inflation does is that it lowers how much your money is worth and raises the price of items. Inflation happens because the government starts printing out more paper money than usual, and raises the supply of money, but […]

George W. Bush and the War on Terror

George W. Bush was known for launching the war of terror shortly after 911 and was the 43rd president. He was born in July of 1946 and was the first child of former president George Bush and his wife Barbara. He was raised with his siblings in Texas, and his father owned an oil company. […]