Controlling Small Expenses! L5

Small things like buying a cheap toy or buying fast food if continued could end up to be a very expensive habit. Before I haven’t really used my money except for buying presents, all the money would come from my parents, although very rarely do we get toys or fast food.
From this course, I learned that I should not just spend my money on random things, or do impulse buying. Now I know that when I start using my money more I shouldn’t just spend money on fast food or toys for though they seem cheap, prices do add up. When thinking of what present my relatives are giving me, I shouldn’t just think of something not lasting, not useful. Once I asked my dad to get me a laser tag gun and since I got it, I’ve never used it because no one has one. Recently for my birthday I asked my dad for a multitool that I had a lot of research on, and it was worth it. I have been using it ever since I got it, and it is the Leatherman Sidekick!
I’ve liked the course so far, and realized how useful this course can be for me thanks, Timothy D. Terrell!

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