Fire Starting! L2

My favorite outdoor activity has to be making a fire. Making a fire may take a long time to prepare but at the end, once you got it roaring, it sure is great!
Preparing for a fire is always very important. Tools that are needed in making a fire is a knife and some sort of fire starter. Most of the time the first thing I do is start with the big pieces of wood, I take a tree I cut down a while ago, cut it into one foot long pieces of wood, then baton them a few times until they were large sized wood. To me batoning is taking a knife, and then driving it into a piece of wood to get to the drier parts of the wood, the middle. After piling up the bigger pieces of wood, I would baton the limbs of the tree a bit, turn them into the medium sized wood that you need and lay those in a pile. I would then take the small twigs, make a big pile with those, and also baton smaller sized pieces. The smaller sized sometimes have three sizes, Marker, Pencil, and toothpick. Usually, that part would take one hour.
So After I prepared mostly everything, I would take cattail, or maybe birch bark for if you fluff or scrape them up a bit, they make perfect tinder. I take the fire steel and scissors, (because I find it to be a good striker) then scrape some sparks in!! After putting some small pieces of batoned wood to get the flame up a bit, I would lay the twigs on, for they usually go quick. After sustaining the fire with small and medium sized pieces of wood, it usually gets self-sustained pretty quick. So when it is self-sustained it starts to get easier, just toss big pieces of wood in the fire!
With a big fire going, it is a great time. You could cook on it, make some instant coffee, maybe even make smores! But remember once you are finished, always remember to put it out, usually I make one in a homemade brazier (A Satellite pan) so it is easy to just smother it once it gets smaller.
Making a fire sure is awesome, but don’t forget safety also matters. Stay not too close, and don’t burn your clothes like my friend did! Also please don’t make a lot of smoke, but if you are just stop putting wet wood or something like that in the fire!

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