Yellowstone! Lesson 1

This summer my family and I went to Yellowstone. At Yellowstone, we had a great time looking for animals, hiking, watching geysers, and seeing sulfur, not smelling it!
Yellowstone was a wonderful place to visit and had many different wild animals for us to explore, including Bison, Elk, Wolves, Moose, and even one very rare bird, the Trumpeter Swan. Of course, we carried bear spray although we were glad not to have to use it. Though we did manage to see Bear poop when Horseback riding.
Geysers and Sulfur were some of the things which we don’t have back at home. Geysers are very special, and I do recommend going to see them. We saw the largest and most unpredictable geyser, the Steamboat Geyser, and we also saw the Old Faithful, which as you may guess, is always on time. The Sulfur was remarkably stinky, the smell of rotten eggs; pure fart with nothing mixed in. We particularly enjoyed the sulfur pools, for they were super colorful blue and orange, but could be as hot as around 100 degrees celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
The trails are awesome and were very beautiful, even breathtaking. Although they didn’t have to be breathtaking, because at an elevation of around 10,000 ft above sea level it is quite hard to catch your breath on a good climb. Some very stunning sights we saw were when looking down at the canyons, and also when looking at some wonderfully beautiful sulfur deposits.
The trip to Yellowstone was one of my favorite trips, for I enjoyed next to everything there, although maybe we could leave the smells out! When we got back and cleaned our shoes, we found out we got souvenirs, tons of Yellowstone dirt!

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