History of Africa. L5

Africa is one of the most diverse continents and contains the Nile river, of which is the longest river ever. Africa has three main civilizations Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia.

Egypt was the strongest and most well-known ancient African civilization. It was ruled by Pharaohs who were treated as gods and was organized as an agricultural civilization around the Nile. Egypt was conquered by the Persians, then later regained freedom. Shortly after the Roman empire conquered them in 31 BC and maintained control until their fall in 476 AD. After the decline of the Roman empire, the religion Islam took over.

Nubia was south of Egypt and is where ironworking was known to be first established. They were mostly independent of Egypt and declined in 400 AD. Ethiopia was begun in 500 BC, the civilization or Axum. Ethiopia is still here today and was built up by trade along the red sea coast. They were Arab style with Egyptian and Greek culture. They were strong and rich during the first century and were ruled by a strong line of Kings.

In 1250 Years later, more tribal nations appeared, although they were mostly decentralized. One of the random tribes were the Bantu speakers. Later on, the European nations realized the natural resources and wealth of Africa, so they started colonies around the coastal regions to harvest rich, natural resources and promoted slave trade.


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