My Favorite Subject L3

My favorite subject is definitely science. I like science because I can learn many things which might be helpful to let me choose a career in the future, for example about electronics, making a robot, a radio, survival skills, first aid and many other interesting things which I have done in grade 7.
In grade 7 science, my favourite part must have been the survival section. In that section, we learned about shelters, fires, navigation skills, knife skills, and many more survival skills. I really loved that section, and got interested in survival after that and even started making smores and cooking corn on the fires I made! Another cool part must have been first aid. I think first aid is essential to survival, and I was very thankful for the chance to learn how to save lives!
So far in grade 8 I have been learning about youtube, which I have recently started thinking about using, and am definitely glad to be taught how to get started! I also saw that we would be doing a lot of search and rescue (SAR) this year, I am stoked for that!
I love science because I get to learn many different things which are very applicable to life. I am very glad of the chance to learn all of this thanks, Mr. Bradley Fish!

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