The Furthest I Have Been Away From Home. L4

I have gone to many places which are pretty far Hawaii, Italy, Paris, China, Germany, and others. One of the most recent ones has to be Germany. Germany was a great trip, and I really loved it there being it the food, or the views.

One of the great parts about Germany was the food. Although I did not really enjoy their home-cooked food, I really did love the bread. Their bread was served in many kinds, my favorite being their giant pretzels and their croissants. My mom and sisters favorites were the dark rye bread with all the random things on it, really healthy! Another thing which was great was their desserts. I really loved their famous restaurants for the desserts looked extremely beautiful although, for a plain guy like me, I didn’t enjoy the flavors as much as the connoisseurs there did.

Over there we switched towns every day so we had a different hotel every day which was great. Many of the hotels included windows to a beautiful mountain view and good service. We also went to Austria, of which there were many marzipan chocolates with Mozart’s face on them. One night I became super hungry and felt cold, so we were just walking down the street to see what foods there were. It felt like such a long time until we finally arrived at a restaurant without a lot of beer, which by the way was cheaper than water there, literally. There I satisfied my hunger, and since I started burning calories, I became warmer.

Germany also had many trails and famous places to visit. We loved to walk on trails while looking at the small cute colorful houses. But one of the highlights of going to Germany other than for the food, are all the castles you can visit. We must have visited at least five! From small broken down ones to giant ones there are tons of castles there, and it is worth it, even if you have to climb a huge steep hill like we did. We also went to the famous towns and did some shopping, but we didn’t like it much because there were so many people. Plus, shopping is not really my mom’s thing anymore since my sister and I hate it.

The trip to Germany was certainly worth it and gave great refreshment to my taste buds. Although seeing Mozart’s face on chocolate is not helping the flavor, because the chocolate doesn’t taste special.


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