YouTube! L5

My goal for YouTube is that I will be able to teach some kids about survival skills. I hope to reach kids like me who love to go on trips outdoors, or go camping but are worried about safety in the wild.
YouTube can be very useful for learning things, I want to contribute so I’m going to try to teach people survival skills, and how to be useful around camp, even though you might just be a small kid. I first learned survival skills in my science classes, then I got very interested and decided to try practicing some and to look on youtube for more information. Before when we went on hikes, we would just take a map of the place, water, food, and phones. That would be all we would carry, even on trips in the bear lands at Banff and Jasper. We didn’t even have bells on us, much less bear spray! Well, now that’s changed, for recently we went to Yellowstone, and we had a First Aid kit, Battery packs + Phones, Ways of starting and boiling water etc. Don’t forget bear spray because there were many signs of bears there like bear poop.
I hope that when people watch my videos, they will have learned something useful and have thought the video fun and interesting, not boring.

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