My Favorite Things to do With Friends. L6

I love going outside to play, and so do my friends! We love going on walks, working with wood, making fires, cooking over fires, and more!
I love walking and biking with my friends. Usually when we walk we walk into the forest, and we also bring lots of water, all sorts of snacks, and even a survival and first aid kit! I love going on walks because then I can explore nature and see all sorts of awesome things God created, even though I don’t really like getting bit 10 times every time. Biking is also great, for then you can go many places with your friends that you usually would not go on foot, like to a library or someone else’s house.
We also love to play with wood. Usually, after going on walks we bring some wood from the forest back home to use. With the wood, we love to make weapons, shelters, and also fires. After processing wood which is much faster with a friend, we just make fires, then eat smores! After the marshmallows, we love to build the fire big again to play with.
I love to play with my friends, for one can have much fun with friends.

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