About Me! L10

Hello, I’m Matthew, 12 years old, rather burnt by the sun and fires, and homeschooled by the Ron Paul Curriculum for grade eight! Whew!
Some hobbies I have are recording, editing, and posting videos on YouTube, practicing my survival skills, reading, playing piano, biking, and walking. Generally, when I have my friends over, they love to do all these things with me! On YouTube, I post videos on survival/camping skills for kids like me to learn about! For survival skills I practice hanging bear bags, making fires (an excuse for eating smores), and building shelters. Speaking of survival skills, some books can teach you quite a few! I love books by G. A. Henty, Jules Verne, and many other authors, for I think their books are very intriguing. I also play piano, I’ve had two piano teachers, Joan and Raymond. They were both awesome teachers, and I learned a lot about how to play the piano with them, even though I decided to quit at grade nine piano. I decided to quit because I could easily play hymns then, and that meant I reached one part of my goal. My next goal is that I can play in the church! I also love going outside biking and walking, for then you can enjoy the wonders of nature outdoors.
Some extracurricular activities I have planned this year are tennis, junior fellowship, math circles, and boy scouts. I have played tennis for quite a while now and thoroughly enjoy playing. I use to go swimming, but now I reached a level where you barely swim at all and all you do is first aid, not even first aid in the water (Star Patrol-Bronze Medallion), I stopped going. Junior Fellowship has recently been started back up, so I am stoked for that, and maybe not so much for math….. I am going to start going to math circles, and really hope it improves my math a lot (not that it is horrible, for I usually get 30/32 questions right and am almost done Algebra 2)! I also intend to start boy scouts, yay! I hope that I can live up to their expectations there. Boy scouts in my area are hosted at different schools, so I hope that not only people in that school go to the group.
I have a sister, and of course Mom and Dad. My sister’s name is Alice, and she is in CS co-op at Waterloo University. She really is the BEST at programming and always finds time for us when at Work and when studying hard (my sister gets such high marks, awesome!). My Mom and Dad are awesome, and even though they are mostly pretty busy, my dad at work and my mom at homeschooling me and doing all sorts of house work, they always manage to find a lot of time for me. Of course, I guess I can’t miss out our dog, Honey. He is a mixed breed, the Shitzu Poodle.
I love to go outside a lot and am trying to improve every day on managing my time better.

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