South and Central America! L10

South and Central America were pretty late in developing, but when they did, they developed super fast. America was mostly all discovered by Christopher Columbus, who was inspired by Marco Polo.
Before 1492, South America was very unorganized although there were a few small kingdoms. One of them being the Inca Kingdom. The Inca Kingdom was the largest and strongest empire before Europeans came, and it was modern-day Peru. The Inca Kingdom survived the Spaniard’s invasions and has become a popular tourist location. At 1450 AD very little was changed, although the small places did grow a little stronger.
In the 1700’s, South America started to get overtaken by Europeans, and the Spaniards and the Portuguese, in particular, started to colonize large portions of the land as their overseas territory. The Spaniards decided to brutally and completely wipe out what small civilizations were there at the time.
In the 1450’s Mexico was very weak although, after Columbus’s discovery in 1490, they became very strong. Mexico was completely colonized by the Spaniards, and in 1750 the Spanish Empire was gigantic and completely wiped out South America civilization.
The Caribbean went through a lot of colonization, and European nations decided to come and split up the place to get slaves for all the farm lands. This continued all the way to the 19th century. Although several island colonies were overrun by rebelling slaves, some of the colonies owed allegiance to the European nations.
South America was very underdeveloped until it was discovered by Christopher Columbia in the 1490’s. After that, European nations like Spain and Portugal decided to come.



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