YouTube! L10

YouTube is a very interesting website where you can learn many things by watching Video. I decided to teach people a little of what I learned from grade seven of science. I hope to reach young kids like me and teach them a couple things!
I hope that kids the age of me are able to see my videos and that they like them! I hope to teach them some survival and camping skills while making it a little bit interesting. I decided to use pictures from Yellowstone for my Profile Photo and the Channel Banner. I edited both of them using Pixlr, the recommendation of Daniel Dignan, my teacher. I also decided to make the about page, and here it is:
Hello, I am Matthew and I love to go outside to play and to practice my survival skills, although I may use making a fire an excuse to eat smores… I want to teach kids to learn some survival skills like making fires, building shelters, getting and purifying water and more! Yee-Hah!
I think they support my value proposition because in my channel banner I show Survive and Learn… And Have Fun!
And my About page talks a lot about me and also what I intend to do on my channel. I named my channel Survive and Learn because the main topic of my channel is to learn about survival.
Here is the link to my YouTube channel!
I hope you enjoy! I intend on adding at least four new videos every week!

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