My Three Favourite Foods! Outline, L12

Many people have favourite foods like: (INTRODUCTION)
     My three favourite foods:
Dumplings: #1
     What it is:
          Like meatballs and noodles put together
     I like adding hot pepper old and black vinegar
     It is extremely yummy when all put together
     Childhood favourite and I eat it every week
Pasta: #2
     I love pasta
     What it is:
          It has noodles
          The sauces
               Tomato and meat
     Awesome to add bread
     Like mixed up lasagna
Chicken: #3
     Chicken is awesome when
     Soft and tender
     Warm and Flavourful
I love Dumplings, Pasta, and Chicken: (CONCLUSION)
     My absolute favourite is pasta although I do love the others ones too!

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