My Three Family Members! Mindmap and Outline for L13




I have three family members
     Mention parents and sister
     There are 4 people in our family!
My Sister
     Her name is Alice Ran Zhou
     She goes to university and second year for Software engineering]
          She made it nicely through 2B or not 2B!
    She was gone to three places, right now she is in the third
           Square at San Francisco
           Linkedin at Mountainville/Silicon valley
           And now at Bloomberg in New York!
My Mom
     She is the best cook ever
     She homeschool’s me
     Worked at Blackberry for around 12 years, and was laid off!
     Makes so much yummy stuff
          And much more…
     She does next to all the house work!
My Dad
     He is a Real Estate Agent
     Worked at Blackberry for 13 years and was laid off!
     Manages trips and money etc…
     The overall manager of the business stuff!
My Parents and my Sister are really great!
     Mention a bit about all of them
End with, “I am really glad I have such good family members!”

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