Three Places I Love to Visit! Mind Map and Outline for L14




I love to visit many places
          Theme Parks
          Movie theatres
          The Forest
          The Airport
          My Backyard
#1 The Forest
     There is Nature
     Trees, Birds, animals
     Although I really hate mosquitoes
          Eight bites average
          But in the winter there are no mosquitoes
#2 The Airport
     I get to go 1 or 2 times a year
     I have fun because we get to explore it
     And I know that we are going somewhere
          Leads to exitement
     On the airplane I love the movies and snacks that we bring
#3 My Backyard
     I can play
     Get to practice survival and camping skills
          Like Making Fires
               Eating Corn
               Eating S’mores
          Setting up tarps
          Sometimes I like to sharpen knives in the backyard
I love to go to..
     The Forest
     The Airport
     The backyard
     List one reason for each!!!!!!

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