Three Things I can Change to Use Time Better! L10

Three things I can change to use time better are not watching YouTube, not have any dead time by multitasking, and by getting a calendar to make sure everything is awesome!

I should not watch YouTube because if I do, I end up watching for a long time, and during that very long time, I could have done something a lot more productive and fun like going biking, or helping Mom do housework. I think that YouTube is a very good place to learn but I should not go on it for a long time, and most of the time videos that I watch are not useful.
When waiting for someone, or just when eating an apple, I could be doing something else that is productive, like reading my notes over or edit my videos! I should also get a calendar so that I won’t just find myself sitting on the couch doing nothing. I intend to use Google’s calendar, and will look at it every day because calendars are useless if they don’t have anything on it and if you don’t look at them every day.
I hope to apply all these things so that I can lead a more productive and useful life

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