My Favourite Birthday Present! L17

Mind Map:Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 11.02.59 AM.png


I got the Leatherman Sidekick for my twelfth birthday.
     I like it because it has so many tools that I usually use.
          I think its great for budget
#1 The Tools
     A Spring-loaded Plier which has wire cutters
     On the Outside:
          A Plain edged Knife with a Linear lock
          A Wood Saw with a Linear lock
     On the Inside:
          There are the wood file and ruler, together with a small flathead screwdriver.
          A Sheep foot serrated blade for cutting rope etc..
          A Bottle opener combined with a package opener and wire cutter
          And a Lanyard Hole
          On the other side, there is a 2D Philips head screwdriver and a + thingy
          Together with a Fat, Flathead screwdriver, and Chisel, and a Minus thingy combined
#2 When and Where
     I got it around month after my 12th Birthday
          My Birthday is May 17th
     I got it at Walmart for around 40$, and when I looked on Amazon it was around 60$!
#3 Why I bought it
     My Old multitool by the University of Waterloo did not work that well
           When I used the Pliers the tools would get loose and fall out
           The steel sucked
           The Knife was a bit too short
      So I researched a lot of Multitools and I came upon the Leatherman Sidekick.
           I compared it to another one, the Wingman, but I decided to get the Sidekick
I Love the Leatherman Multitool
          I’ve been using it for more than 3 months
               It’s always been in my pocket since I got it
My Favourite Birthday Present so far has been the Leatherman Sidekick. I like the Leatherman Sidekick because so far in the three months I have been using it, it has been super helpful. The Leatherman Sidekick has cut food, paper, opened packages, made crafts out of wood and random things, cut some rope, made a fire, and even fixed some toys! I chose this over some other multitools like the Leatherman Wingman because this Multitool has a Plain Edged knife and a Woods saw on the very outside, and those tools are some I use the most often. I love using the Leatherman Sidekick, so hopefully I’ll never need to use their 15-year warranty.

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