My HomeSchool! L19

I am homeschooled by the Ron Paul Curriculum (RPC), and also use Saxon math and Rosetta Stone. In the Ron Paul Curriculum, I take four courses, English, history, science, and personal finance. For math, I use Saxon math, and for french, Rosetta Stone.
This year in English, I’m learning how to write better, and so far I’ve learnt how to make mind maps, outlines, paragraphs, and even some quick essays. I have one writing assignment every day, and one essay on Friday. I just started Personal Finance this year, and so far I have learnt how to control spendings, budgeting, some ways of earning money, and also a lot of time management skills. I do one essay every week for this subject. In History, we started with a world view from 500-1750 AD. A worldview is when we overview what happened in the main continents before we start off with a new year. This year we started to study the American colonies, and why they rebelled against the British. I also do one essay on Friday for this subject. And, there is my favourite subject, science. So far in science, I have learned how to master YouTube, and after this, I’ll be learning some Search and Rescue (SAR) stuff! I do one large assignment on Friday for this subject.
I love all those subjects, but my favourite is definitely science. For all these subjects, I do one assignment per day. Of Course, I also learn french, and do math every day!

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