I am Part of the Continental Congress! L20

I am part of the Continental Congress, and I must remonstrate against all of the impetuous acts the Parliament has made! They are horrendous!
We detest the fact that you allowed the Parliament to make the Molasses Act! It is horrible that there should be such a heavy import tax on sugar, and cheating us out of the hard-earned money that we have! The other act, the Quartering act is worse, it is Intolerable! We will not prove housing and food to the soldiers at our own expense, please reimburse!
We also hate the Stamp Act. It is not legal, and you have not right whatsoever to make it! Period! The Declaratory Act is horrible, why do you people care so much about yourselves and money, instead of doing things for the good of us, the colonists huh? The Townshend Acts is horrible, and Charles Townshend, stop making these acts. We are infuriated by all those taxes on everything! It is horrible!
And please, stop murdering innocent people, just because a snowball hit a soldier means that the soldiers have to Massacre everyone! Burn down the tax ships! And really, do you have to make a tax on tea to? Fine, we will stop drinking tea! Let the tea rot on the docks, sink it into the Boston Harbor!
We send this to you, the King, and please stop making such vile things happen!

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