When I Thought We Wouldn’t Go… L20

Everyone has had some very horrendous days, and here I list one of mine. Once upon a time, we woke up at around 3:30 to drive to the airport…
Once we got there and went through security, the people there said the plane couldn’t come because there was heavy rain. This is the first time we ordered the cheaper tickets, which made it so that it was not guaranteed that the plane would get us to our location, Hawaii. I was so worried that we would not be able to go, and Dad took a very long time on his computer trying to find a hotel and plane. Dad later found at a hotel, and just as we got there, it started raining. Great. So Dad took the entire time there trying to find an airplane going to Hawaii.
Later in the day, we saw that Dad found the right plane and this time, we paid extra so that we would definitely get the flight! We managed to get on the airplane but the one bad part was that we were not sitting together, instead, we were all sitting with strangers, with the exception that my Mom and I were sitting together. All our snacks were split so that did not matter. I enjoyed the flight there (because there was the personal movie thing), and when we got there it was not as warm as I expected it to be. Maybe that’s expected because it was night.
There we rented a car, which took a long time, and then we drove to a place where Dad had rented when we were home. That day felt like two days, for I was up for around 12 hours, and at the end, I thanked God that we made it through all the difficulties of the day. I really had a great time at Hawaii I ate coconuts, went snorkeling a lot, and also walked a few trails!
I still remember this day quite clearly, for I was very tired and tried at the end of the day. Dad’s perseverance and the fact that everyone was not that grumpy really helped!

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