My Favourite Sports! L21


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     I love Sports, and generally, when people think of sports they think of:
     But there is more to it!
1. Definition of Sport:
     It is an activity that involves physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another                     
     person or other people. 
     So there are many sports other than what most people normally think of…
2. Cycling (1)
     I love to bike, especially when I bike with friends
     There are many benefits to biking including better sleep, and it makes you smarter!
     I love biking because then I can exercise, be in nature, and help Mom buy things!
     Of course, it is also another “green” way to get places
3. Processing Wood (2)
     I know, most people think that this is not a sport, but it practically is!
     I love to see wood split when battening, or when you stomp on it when it is propped up against something!
     And of Course, it is always awesome for making a fire!
          It is awesome to see the wood burn and feel the warmth that comes off the fire!
          Don’t forget the S’mores!
4. Hiking (3)
     I love to hike, and although it is not always that competitive, it still is a sport.
     Every year, my family and I love to go to places to hike, and also hike a lot in the forests nearby.
     It is great going through the trails in nature and also the wonderful view when you get atop mountains!
     I love all sorts of Sports, but these are three of my favourites.
     Mention all three and a reason why I like all of them…



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