My Favourite Sports! Outline for L23

My Favourite Sports
     There are many sports and usually, people think of these sports:
          And many many more!
     But my favourite sports are slightly different
Sports with Friends
     Sports are always better with other people
          Be it Friends, Family, or just Random people you meet!
     Three of My Favourite Sports are Hiking, Biking, and making Fires!
     It is always great to have friends with you when you are hiking
          All you have to do is bring tons of snacks and drinks!
          It is great because then you can explore places you might not go
          You can learn more about Friends; they could share some knowledge you don’t know
          You can play around with your friends as you walk, or just talk about life while you                 and your friends enjoy nature
          Also, if you are in the forest, you could maybe make something, like a shelter or                       something!
     Biking is also great with Friends!
          All you have to do is find a place or two to go and make sure it is open.
          Then, bike to your friend’s houses and get them to come with you
          Bring drinks and snacks, and make sure it will be safe to bike!
          Then have fun with your Friends!
     Another fun sport with friends is making a Fire!
          The First part is to go with your friends to collect wood of all sizes!
          Then break/chop the wood into reasonably sized pieces of wood by laying the wood on           a stable surface and stomping on it.
          Then, lay all the wood into piles, 3 different sized piles of kindling(thin wood) and 2-3           sized piles of fuel(thick wood).
          Make sure you have 3 times the amount of wood you think you need.
          Then, amaze them with an awesome upside down fire, which is interesting
          And roast marshmallows, make smores, and cook corn!
          Tip: Put peanut butter on the smores is no one is allergic to it.
#1 Hiking!
     What I love about Hiking!
          I love that I get to be immersed in nature
          That I get a bit of exercise, especially if I faithfully do it every day!
          I learn about new places to hike, plus, hiking is different every single time
          Sometimes I even get to see animals!
               Especially when I am hiking somewhere else, like at Banff or Yellowstone
               But don’t forget the mosquitoes, they suck
          I can also go hiking with friends, and have a good time with them
          Another great part is the snacks, mmmm!
          Of course, the end of a hike is always the best!!
     I also carry a few things in my backpack/bag
          I carry tons of trail snacks
          A lot of water inside water bottles
          A Survival Kit
          A First Aid Kit
          Some Trail Markers
          Sometimes a Battery pack
          And some Emergency Chocolate, just in case!
#2 Biking!
     My Favourite parts about Biking
          Its great that I get to be in nature
          Of course, I get a small exercise when biking
          I get to buy Mom some things when she’s doing housework
          I can also bike with my Friends!
     Of course, you also have to maintain your bike.
          I have to oil the bike gears a few times a year
          I pump the wheels around 10 times a year!
          Also, for the first time ever, I had to put the chain back on the bike gears.
          I was going down a hill, and had on a very high gear, then suddenly and accidentally               went to a very low gear. So a sudden bump sent my bike chain straight off the gears,             and I couldn’t pedal anymore. I came off my bike, took my multitool (Thank goodness           I had it), and used it to put the oily chain back on the gears. Then it worked! Yay!
     The Bike I use is pretty simple
          It is a mountain bike that is pretty old, and I had attached a bell and a lock to it, so I               can scare people with the bell, and lock my bike so that no one can take it. (sort of)
          My bike has 3 big gears, and 7 small ones, pretty normal. I have a friend who has 3 big           gears and 8 small gears, though!
#3 Making a Fire!
      I know, this might not sound like a sport to you, but the definition of sport is                          usually, “Any activity that gives enjoyment or recreation.”
     I like many things about Making a fire, let’s start with preparing one.
          I love how wood splits when battened
          It looks awesome when you break wood
          Get friends to help you, so later they can reap the benefits with you
          It looks great to see piles of the wood you cut in front of you.
     Then you make a fire!
          Burn the small pieces first, then the thicker ones.
          Make sure you always allow sufficient airflow for the fire, because fire needs three                 things
               Heat—the warmth
               Fuel—wood etc..
     And after you have the fire burning, you cook/roast food!
          Like Marshmallows
It is great to have sports and hobbies to enjoy
     No matter what sport it is, make sure to stay safe, and have a good time!
     Also, go outside more often. The fact that you are reading this right now probably                  means that you are inside. Whatever.
     List one thing from each category that I liked.

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