Some Things I Learned This Week in Science! L25

This week I learned how to add Annotations, about InVideo programming, Search Engine  Optimization, Playlists, and also about Building a Community of Dedicated Fans!. 

Annotations and InVideo programming are very important and useful to get new subscribers. These are great because then your channel and other videos can be shown everywhere. You should only have a few annotations because they might get annoying after a while. InVideo programming is pretty new, and one of the things it allows you to do is feature a link at a certain point in a video to some place. This applies to every single video made since you started.
I also learned about Search Engine Optimization, which is about Google rating your videos for search. Usually Google rates videos with watch time, likes, and views. Although maybe Tags and other things matter, but those are the main things.
Another thing I learned was about playlists. Playlists are useful to story videos you have in groups, so when people are searching for a type of video, let’s say that if you are a vlogger and they want to see when you were on a trip, they would see a playlist named, “Trip to _______.”
Another cool thing I learned was about building a community of dedicated fans. There are a few main points to building a community. First, you have to tell your subscribers why you do what you want to do. That way, they might like your videos not nearly because they like the style of video, but because why you do it. A question to answer could be, “What are your motivations for doing this?”. Two more important questions could be, “How can you integrate your belief or motivations into your content?”, and, “How can I facilitate interaction among people around this belief and content?”
I think these points are all very important for getting a good YouTube channel, for it is not all about the YouTuber, it is also about the Audience.

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