Generals of the Revolutionary War! L25

There were many Generals in the Revolutionary War on the Colonial side, and of those, some were George Washington, Nathanael Greene, Benedict Arnold, Marquis de Layette, Henry Knox, Baron von Steuben, Horatio Gates, and Francis Marion.
George Washington was one of the most important generals, most likely because he was appointed to the most important position. He suffered many losses and discouragements, but he kept on improving. He became a national hero and the first president. Nathanael Greene was a very successful general too. If George Washington died in battle, he probably would have succeeded him. Greene became George Washington’s right hand and was the officer Washington trusted the most. Nathanael Greene forced General Cornwallis (a British officer) to abandon his attacks in Carolinas and change his tactics. After the war, Greene fell into financial difficulties and died in 1986.
Benedict Arnold was another general. He had great tactical abilities, and so much strength, he was almost a one-man team! But in the battle of Saratoga, he received a wound so he began to doubt that they would win, and he switched sides, where he served as a brigadier general, and after the war went to live in England, and died in 1801. Marquis de Layette came from France and developed as general and ambassador during the war. His influence helped the Continental army by getting the French to send reinforcements. When he got back to France, he was caught in the middle of the French revolution, as he tried to find the middle of the sides. He somehow managed to survive the revolution and died in 1834.
Henry Knox gained recognition in the war through skill with the artillery captured at Ticonderoga. He became a trusted officer, and served as the first secretary of war, and died in 1806. Baron Von Steuben was a Prussian military officer who joined the continental army through a chain of events when he meant Benjamin Franklin in Europe and was invited to join Washington’s army. He was well received in 1778, when the Colonial army lost a fifth of their army, and then Baron von Steuben trained the soldiers into an army. His work in drilling the soldiers worked, and later had written a book called the “blue book”, which was for training soldiers for war.
Horatio Gates was a so so general. He had started off very well in the war, and some even called for him to replace Washington! He was loved by most until they fought the battle of Camden. Horatio thought they were going to lose, and rode miles and miles away from  the battle in fear. He had underestimated general Cornwallis’s prowess in battle, and also always had commanded his troops from the rear of the battle. He is incriminated by historians for no courage or tactical skill. Surprisingly, Horatio Gates did not get punished for that horrendous battle. Francis Marion, also known as the Swamp Fox used guerrilla tactics to effectively harry and frustrate the British troops and is often known as a hero. His style of fighting often resulted in the Colonists affecting more harm against each other than the British did to them. Although they did inflict a lot of damage on the British. He returned to rebuilt his plantation in South Carolina Senate for several terms before he died in 1795.
All these generals had their wins and their losses, but they all did a crucial part to get the America we know nowadays.

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