My Three Favourite Sports! L25

Sports are a very important part of most of our social lives. It helps interaction between different individuals and gives many the opportunity of making plenty of friends. There are many common sports, like soccer, hockey, basketball, and many other ones. But my favourite sports are slightly different than those.
Sports are always better when you have other people to play with. Be it friends, family, or just other people you find on streets or in the fields. My three favourite sports are biking, hiking, and making fires. Biking is very awesome with friends. Just go to your friend’s houses and get them to come with you, find a place or two to go, make sure you are allowed there and that it is open, and go! Don’t forget to bring snacks, because then your friends might get grumpy when they are hungry. Have fun and be safe!
When hiking, it is always good to have plenty of friends with you. Not only is it safer to hike with friends, but it is also, it makes hiking even more fun. It’s great to go hiking with friends because then you can explore places you might not dare to go when by yourself. Also, when you are with friends, you can learn a lot about them which you did not know before. Plus, you can also make shelters and other things in a forest! All you have to do to get friends to go with you is to bring lots of snacks and drinks with you
I also love to make fires with friends, because then it is faster and more enjoyable for you (and they have fun too). First, you go with friends to collect wood of all sizes, make sure to get three times the amount that you and your friends think you need. Next, you have to break the wood into reasonably sized pieces by laying the wood on a stable surface, then stomping on the wood. Get the wood split into different piles considering thickness, and maybe even hardness. Next light the wood up, and roast marshmallows and smores, and cook corn too!
Biking is a very fun sport. I love it because I get to be in nature to enjoy God’s creations. I also like the fact that when Mom is doing housework, I can go biking to buy Mom some ingredients. It is also great that biking can be a slight exercise. Also, I can bike with other people! You also have to maintain your bike, for if not, your bike might blow a tire, or get out of order very often. Two things I do to maintain my bike are to wash it, oil it, and pump the wheels. Recently, I had to replace the chain on my bike for the first time. What happened was I was going down a hill very fast with the highest gear, and suddenly and accidentally turned down to a very low gear. Then, the chain fell off the gear, and suddenly I could not pedal. So then I came off my bike and took out my multitool (good thing I had it) and used it to put the chain back on the gears, and boom! Done! I use a mountain bike which is around 12 years old, and I had attached a bell and lock to it. I can use the bell to scare people off the sidewalk and lock my bike so no thief can take it (not really). My bike has 3 big gears and 7 small ones. My friend has 3 big gears and 8 small gears, though most of the time people don’t use that many gears.
Hiking is very fun too! I love that I am immersed in nature while hiking and that I get an exercise if I do it every day! Each time I hike, I get to find different places, and plus, hiking is different every time. Sometimes when hiking, I get to see animals, although that is usually when I am on a trip hiking. Don’t forget the mosquitoes, they really, really suck. The snacks are a great part about hiking, but the best part of hiking is the end because then you can get that wonderful view that you usually get. I also carry a few things in my backpack or bag for example a lot of snacks, water bottles, a survival kit, a first aid kit, some trail markers, maybe a battery back, and some emergency chocolate, just in case!
Making a fire is also very great! I know, you might not think this is a sport, but the definition of a sport is usually, “any activity that gives enjoyment or recreation.” Preparing a fire is a very important part of making one, and I love the satisfaction that you get by preparing for a fire. When battening wood, it is great to see the wood split by the grain, and I also love the look of wood when just broken by being stomped on. Get friends to help you make the fire, so that later they can reap the benefits with you. It is great to see all your work right in front of you in piles, 5 piles of differently sized small wood, and 3 piles of differently sized thick wood. After preparing a fire, you make it! Gather some tinder, like cedar bark or birch bark. Then depending what you have, twist and bend and rip it into small slivers and stringy bark, or scrape the bark into pieces. After that, use a match, lighters, magnifying glass, or my favourite way, a fire steel, to make a flame. Then gently start adding thin pieces of wood until you have got a decent flame, and then slowly add the thicker pieces of wood. Make sure you always allow sufficient airflow for the fire, because fire needs three things to live, Heat, Fuel, and Oxygen. So if you have to keep the fire going, don’t be afraid to blow at the fire. After you have the fire burning, you can roast or cook food! Like Marshmallows, S’mores, Corn, Sausages, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, and many other foods to cook! Just make sure it is safe to eat! Here is a tip for smores, add peanut butter, it makes it so much better! But make sure no one is allergic to peanuts.
It is great to have sports and hobbies to enjoy. But no matter what sport it is, make sure to stay safe and have fun! Also, please find time to go outside more often. The fact that you are reading this right now probably means that you are inside. Whatever.

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