America’s Favourite Dessert! L3o

For a long time, people had thought that apple pie has been the most popular dessert. But nowadays, most citizens of America think differently. There is cake, cookies, candy, jello, fudge, brownies, and ice cream! So let’s see what most people’s favourite dessert is in America.
From many surveys, this is what I got. 7% of the people love candy, 9% of the people love fruit, 11% of the people love pie (not Pi), 11% of the people like cookies, 20% cake, and 41% of America loves ice cream! Yes, pie is sort of famous, but not really. At other places, it puts apple pie in fourth place, and ice-cream in first.
Apple pie is considered the most American dessert, maybe because it was first made in Europe (where America started). Apple pie is said to be a comfort food and is considered very yummy with ice cream. Maybe I should try that! The pie is made in many places and is different everywhere in the world. The crust is what makes the pie complete to me!
I think that Apple pie might not be America’s favourite dessert because nowadays, people are starting to like the new foods, such as ice-cream. It might have been the most famous dessert before because then it was still a very famous food in Europe, so when the colonists brought the apple pie to America, they might have carried on the tradition.
Ice cream, is by survey’s, considered America’s favourite dessert. Flavoured ice had been eaten in China for a long time until Italy invented gelato, also known as ice cream. So from then, the gelato migrated to America, so then everyone there could enjoy that yummy treat! I think that ice cream is the new favourite because one, I love it myself, although I usually only eat it on a trip. And two, I have many, many friends who really enjoy ice cream.
Of course, everyone’s opinions are different. Some love their grandma’s apple pie, and some fresh Häagen-Dazs ice cream!

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