The Declaration of the United States! L30

The Declaration of the United States unified the 13 colonies and was the first step to creating the America we know today. The Declaration is made up of many parts. The Preamble, the Body, and the Conclusion all make it up. It was officially passed by the Continental Congress on July 2, 1776. It was made official to the public and announced two days later. Nowadays, July 4th is known as Independence Day.
The Preamble is the introduction to the declaration and talks a little bit about the colonists’ grievances. The Preamble talks about how England created the colonies, and that at first, the colonies have been treated fine. Then, England started abusing their powers and forgot the fact that all men are created equally. Then they start remonstrating about how the people in England have been treating them with so many taxes, and talk about how now, they want to stop the tyranny that is governing them.
Next is the body. This is the part where the Continental Congress gets mad at the parliament and talks about their grievances to the King. They talk about many things, such as the parliament not letting them make proper laws, not caring about and opposing the colonies, preventing the colonists from properly populating the states, not letting foreigners come, erecting a rule that they would have to house British soldiers at their own cost, and many other things in much more detail.
And last of all is the Conclusion, where there is a summary and the signatures of the delegates. I think that the Declaration of the United States is important, because if the declaration wasn’t passed, then there would never be the start of the revolutionary war. Therefore, if the war never happened, then America wouldn’t be here today, it might just be the thirteen states.
The Declaration of the United States is the message that started the first part of the making of America, the righteous war for independence.

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