Updates in the US (1790’s) L35

Many things happened in the United States of America in the 1700-1800’s. A few include the invention of the cotton gin, yellow fever in Philadelphia, and the election of John Adams. The invention of the cotton gin and the destruction of yellow fever in Philadelphia both happened in 1793, and 1796 saw John Adams become president.
The cotton gin was the start of the industrial revolution in America. Slave labor was intense at that time, because when the crop of cotton was grown, many slaves would have to pluck all the seeds out of the cotton for it to be good. It was intense, hard work, but after the invention of the cotton gin, then the slaves didn’t have to pick the seeds anymore. But this did cause a new problem because then the plantain managers wanted the slaves to grow a lot and a lot of cotton. The cotton gin worked by putting the cotton in, and then the machine would extract all the seeds and bits from it.
Another event that happened in 1793 was yellow fever in Philadelphia. Yellow fever, small pox, and polio all had struck a few times around America, but when it happened in Philadelphia, it broke into an outrage. Today there is a vaccine for yellow fever, but before, since there was not the vaccine, the mortality rate was at 50%. It caused major disaster in Philadelphia and really made the colony weaker.
In 1796, President George Washington decided that he did not want to be the president anymore (even though he could easily serve another term), and decided to hand off his presidential position peacefully to John Adams, who was his friend. This is the first time in history that transferring of presidents was 100% peaceful (and it still is the only time).
Many other things also happened in the US, but as time progresses, many other things will happen such as the industrial revolution.

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