Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 in the Meditarrnian island of Corsica. He was a very important general in France and did quite a lot to lower the French Revolution.
He learned military tactics as a boy and enrolled in a french military school at the age of 15. He graduated a year later with the rank of second lieutenant in the artillery. He retired to his home until sympathies with the French Revolution forced him and his family to run. In 1793, Napoleon Bonaparte received a commendation for military performance and was promoted to the rank of brigadier general.
Then, the Reign of Terror came, and he was imprisoned for 11 days as a Jacobin supporter. He was promoted to be the general of the army of the west, and a year later was in command of the whole french army in Italy. During 1796-1799, Napoleon Bonaparte had an unparalleled string of successful military campaigns. His progress helped stabilize France’s military situation, and won him much popularity among the citizens.
Later on, he organized a Coup D’état, which is a plot against the person or group who reigned, and it usually involved the military. First, Napoleon conquered Egypt, then began pressuring to replace the directory. The Military’s pressure forced the directory to resign, and Napoleon Bonaparte was appointed as the first consul of the government. He wrote a new constitution and went into an election for the emperor of France. Turned out, 99% of the people were in favor with Napoleon Bonaparte, so with no one to oppose him, he became the emperor of France. Then, he forced the pope to anoint him, which revived France’s relations with the Church.
Napoleon Bonaparte was constantly on the move as an emperor and forced alliances with enemies or conquered them. In 1810 France was unmistakably the dominant power in Europe, but his empire was on shaky footing. Because he was facing the financial expense, and also some other problems. The financial expenses were solved by selling the Louisiana purchase territory to the US. But the other problems were rather large. The people of France were tired of continuous war after war and did not trust Napoleon Bonaparte’s forceful personality at the head of their government.
Thus, in 1814, the senate, which was the governing body under Napoleon Bonaparte declared the empire to be ended. Napoleon Bonaparte was forced to abdicate his throne and make sure Louis XVIII was made into the new King. Napoleon Bonaparte was not content and went out of prison in 1815 to return to France. He was warmly greeted by the citizens, and quickly regained Paris. He went on his last campaign then, and it was called the 100 day’s campaign. He organized troops to face the British and Prussian forces under General Wellington, the fight was called the battle of Waterloo. This time, Napoleon Bonaparte severely lost, and even though he had won 40 battles before this, his defeat is best remembered. Napoleon Bonaparte was forced by the British to abdicate his throne and he died in exile on saint Helena in 1821.
Napoleon Bonaparte was very successful, but he left next to no lasting legacy for the people of France

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