Should we complain to get what we want? L35

Should we complain to get what we want? Usually, those who complain get what they need/want, but it comes with the risk of being perceived unfavorably. It is like the old saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” No one likes a squeaky wheel, but they will pump the squeaky wheel to let it run smoothly.
When you are hiking with a group, there is always bound to be one or two people that start complaining when they get tired. Then afterward, the whole group stops because they get so annoyed at the complaining of those one or two people. Another example is when you are on a field trip with a friend, and your friend did not bring any money or food. Then, he or she just keeps on complaining about the fact that their mom didn’t prepare food for them, and that their mom did not give money to them. Afterward, they get so annoying you just have to spend some of your money to get them to stop.
 When a bike wheel becomes squeaky, it will be oiled, but the wheel will have to be pumped again in the future to make sure it doesn’t become squeaky again. Even if some wheel’s last for longer than others, they will all become squeaky at one point. And of course, most people don’t like squeaky tires
I think that we shouldn’t complain to get whatever we want, because if we do complain, we will most likely be thought of unfavorably.

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