Does Working with Others Lead to Better Results than Acting as an Individual? L 41

Does working with others lead to better results than acting as an individual? Good question, because sometimes, some people think that they are so much better than other people at some things, and sometimes people are. But it is also helpful to have more minds on the subject than one, like having two hands is better than one. Because, most of the time, no matter how good people are at some things, people are still people, and people make mistakes.
Like playing tennis, there is a game called doubles, where each team has two people. Then, some people just hog the ball and are the only one to hit it on the team, so the other person doesn’t get to do anything. Then, the person who has been hitting it the whole time starts missing, but still always goes for the ball. After that, your team loses. So in tennis, cooperation with others is always the best. Some other examples are when you are making a shelter. One person wants to make a lean-to, and one person wants to make a teepee. Then, after a long time, no work was done, and they still did not do anything.
I think that working with others can lead to better results because they can really come up with some good ideas, and also help you a lot. I also think that sometimes it is a good idea to work by yourself because that is the time to get your thoughts together and figure out something amazing that your group worked out earlier. Also, once you made a wonderful discovery, or found out a really good idea, work with your team!
Overall, I think that people should mostly work with others, but it is also good to work by yourself sometimes.

4 thoughts on “Does Working with Others Lead to Better Results than Acting as an Individual? L 41

  1. Umm, I think the longest “hike” I’ve been on was for around 5-7 hours, it was with the scouts when hiking. We didn’t go that far, because we stopped to do a lot of activities. How ’bout you?


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