Draft/Outline for a Book Report… L43

20,000 leagues under the sea is a great book, and the three main characters are
    Professor Aronnax, Ned Land, Conseil, and Captain Nemo
    Professor Aronnax is an Ichthyologist
    Ned Land a harpooner
    Conseil is the professor’s squire
    Captain Nemo is mysterious
Professor Aronnax is a very smart person and knows about sea creatures and scientific things in general.
       Ichthyologist. means study in fish and sea animals
       Mr. Aronnax easily found out how the ship (the nautilus) worked with no one telling him.
       Very knowledgeable in what they were looking at under the sea.
       Very brave
Ned Lande
        Was (and is) a harpooner
        He is very brave, even more than professor Aronnax
        He knows a lot about whales and narwhals
        He has killed many
        The best harpooner
        Also very brave, and is a great, silent, all listening, strong, and a great help for
        professor Aronnax
        He saved many people
        And also has great compassion for his master
            (professor Aronnax)
        He really helped, and also is very smart like Professor Aronnax.
There is also Captain Nemo
        Captain Nemo is very mysterious and is very rich
        He is the richest person in the world, and is EXTREMELY knowledgeable,
        learned how to use electricity and water to his GREATEST advantage, doesn’t
        like places where people are, and loves the water, sea, and lives in the
    He only needs to be on the sea to survive and has everything anyone can wish
    for except for friends.
    20,000 Leagues under the sea has some pretty cool characters in it, and I have imagined some pretty cool looking places underwater when I read the book.  I recommend this book to many people, but maybe not for those under grade 1-2, because sometimes the words might be confusing, and also there is a little bit of death.

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