20,000 Leagues Under the Seas by Jules Verne! L45

20,000 Leagues Under the Seas by Jules Verne is a great book. Its story is about a group of three people, who almost drown, but manage to stumble upon a submarine called the nautilus. On board the boat they meet the mysterious Captain Nemo. The four main characters are Professor Aronnax, Conseil, Ned Land, and Captain Nemo.
Professor Aronnax is an Ichthyologist, which means that he studies about sea creatures and the sea. He is very knowledgeable in many things, and he even found out how the nautilus works without anyone telling him. Even though Professor Aronnax is very smart, he still can be very stupid sometimes. When Professor Aronnax fell from a boat, he freaked out, even though his squire kept calm and had saved him. Professor Aronnax is really into exploring new things and loves to learn more about the sea.
Conseil is Professor Aronnax’s squire/servant who really loves him. Conseil is usually quiet, silent, listening, keeps his cool, usually doesn’t display his emotions. Conseil has saved his master’s life plenty of times and is also very smart and knowledgeable. Conseil is the all around best servant/friend/follower in Jules Verne’s opinion. I think that Conseil is somewhat like Professor Aronnax because he is very smart, and knows much about the sea. I also think that Conseil is also somewhat unlike the professor because Conseil is much braver, and also because Conseil always keeps his wits about him, unlike the professor. Although of course, the professor is always ready to study more.
Ned Land is the “best” harpooner in England and is very good at killing whales and narwhals. He knows the whales and narwhals very well and is very brave. During the trip, Ned Land had enjoyed killing whales, but only the type which hurt other whales. Now Ned Land did not care what type of whale he killed, for all he thought of was the fun and riches in it, but for Captain Nemo, it is a complete, different story. Captain Nemo only allowed Ned Land to kill animals which killed completely innocent animals. Captain Nemo absolutely forbid Ned Land from harpooning innocent whales.
Captain Nemo is a very mysterious person. He is EXTREMELY rich, for he practically owns the wealth of the  entire ocean. He cares immensely for innocent people and did his best to save lives. He hated places with many people and believes in independence from others. He is royally born (so he claims), and lives in the sea. Captain Nemo would risk his life for other innocent people and has discovered many places unknown to others. He himself discovered many new things others have never even dreamed of and had built the nautilus himself. He lives off the ocean and can get whatever he needs or wants from the ocean. Captain Nemo is also very crazy.
The characters in 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas are very interesting, and I the story line is also great. I recommend this book to everyone above and at grade 2-3 because it contains some hard vocabulary words, and also has some death involved in it.

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