President James Madison. L45

President James Madison was born in 1743 and had been a very successful, smart person. He graduated from Princeton and had led the US through the war of 1812. He was born in Virginia and had a long career in the public office.
He was accepted to the college of William and Mary but decided to go to the college of New Jersey instead. He graduated there in 1771, and then he was only 18 years old! Later on, the college of New Jersey became known as Princeton. He returned to Virginia and was involved with rigorous resistance to the British taxation, but when the revolutionary war broke out, he was too small in size to be accepted. He had a long career in the public office. He was widely respected. When he was 36 years old, he thought that the articles of confederation needed revising. So he led the call for the constitutional convention. He drafted the document, which served as the starting point used to create the final version.
He was widely respected, and his family was very rich, so he had a long career in the public office. After the convention, he also created a list of the 12 amendments and 10 of which were passed and ratified as part of the bill of rights. Another one of them was later also ratified. He kept on studying and researching politics, even though graduated from such a good college. Thomas Jefferson later sent him crates and crates of books of knowledge. He wrote the federalist papers and was initially a supporter of a strong Government. He later switched sides, and at the end of his life, he was in between the two sides.
In 1801, he served as the secretary of the state, and at the election of 1808, he became the new president. From 1809-1817, he served as the president, and lead the US into and through the war of 1812. This drained his financial resources, and he retired from the presidency a tired and poor man. For his family’s estate had lost its value. He was worried about the debts he had accumulated and died in 1836.
James Madison is highly revered as one of the greatest founding fathers. He is nicknamed as the father of the Constitution, the father of the Bill of Rights, and the president who led the United States through the war of 1812.

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