Spending on Sports Equipment! L45

I think that participating in sports is a pretty important thing because in sports you can interact with others, exercise, and learn to be fair and of course, in sports, you can have fun! Sports are very fun, but sometimes people spend too much for a tennis racket, soccer ball, golf club, hockey stick, etc.
Yearly, people spend an average of 4000$ to travel to different places for Sports events. That is a little too much money, and that is just for travel! I think that it is always best if you buy used gear, or shop around a lot to get the best deal on things. Even if you are going to spend money, you don’t have to buy the best, newest gear out there. All you have to do is get something good, reliable, and affordable. Amazon is a great website you can visit, and also check other websites and stores so that you can get good prices for gear.
Also, don’t participate in sports just because you think you will get to professionals or get a scholarship. Yes, it is possible, and I don’t want to discourage you, but it is pretty rare. For soccer, to get from High School to Professional, the overall chance that that will happen is 0%. If you truly have the skill needed, definitely do sports, but unless you are in professionals, you don’t have to buy the best gear there is.

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