Out On the Pampas by G.A Henty. L49

“Out On the Pampas” by G.A Henty was a great book. It is about a family which moved into an acreage in South America. They learned how to survive there, and they practiced shooting, farming, and hunting. They had some troubles with the Indians, but eventually they made friends with the Indians and had a great time. At the end, they had to move back to England because they made so much profit off the land.
Mr. Hardy was the father of the family and was the one who always had a plan at hand and also was a very hard-working man. Lived in England until he had an idea to move out to an acreage he decided to buy in South America. He always had a plan at hand and made sure that wherever the family was going, they were prepared for whatever would happen. Mr. Hardy was great at looking into the future because he saw that the land he would buy would be very profitable in the future, even though it just was a place where only Indians were at the time. He woke up early every day and did everything that needed to be done. He managed to make a fortune of the property he bought.
Charlie is another important character. Charlie was one of Mr. Hardy’s sons and took after his father as a very hard worker. He helped with almost everything, from growing crops to fighting Indians. He was a very fast learner, for when they told him that they were going to South America, he immediately started learning. After they finished their journey, he had done his training and could shoot well, farm well, and mastered many foreign languages. He was the best at hunting, and his brother did the best at farming.
The Indians also played a very important role throughout the story. People assumed as bad people by everyone because they would always fight others who got close to their territory, but the truth is that they were just protecting their land. They stole other people’s things and took away children, but the main reason they did all that was to get the foreigners to move away. At the start, they kept on harassing the Hardy’s but at the end, when they found out that Mr, Hardy didn’t mean any bad, they became friends.
The book, “Out On the Pampas” by G.A Henty is a great book, and I recommend it to all who are looking for an adventurous story.

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