Inventions of The Mid-1800’s/Industrial Revolution. L55

The Industrial Revolution was a huge change for the US, and most of it happened in the mid-1800’s. Unlike most Revolutions, the Industrial Revolution was not a great overturning, but a large change in the means of production. During the Industrial Revolution, the population began to experience an unusual growth in income and productivity! The living standards of many people did not get improved until the late 1800’s, but the division of labor increased dramatically. It started off in 1793 with the Cotton Gin.

The Cotton Gin was a machine which picked seeds out of Cotton. It reduced manual labor because usually after cotton is grown, the slaves would have to sit around for hours and hours picking out the seeds. The Cotton Gin allowed for the slaves not having to pick out all the seeds. Yet another invention was the Morse Code. The Morse Code/Telegraph was created in 1838, because a man’s wife was sick and dying, so she wrote a letter to the man, telling him that she was sick. The letter’s back in the day only traveled at the speed of a horse, so when the letter finally arrived, the woman already died. The man decided to make a machine that would allow for faster messaging, and therefore he created the Telegraph. The Telegraph was a machine that allowed communication through wires by dashes and dots.

Later on, Alexander Gram Bell patented his invention of the telephone in 1876, which allowed for more reliable communication. It was a great step up from the Telegraph, and Alexander Gram Bell made many more things. Then, Thomas Edison made the first practical working lightbulb in 1879. Before, electricity was harnessed to make sparks of lights, but none of the small things were practical for anything. But Thomas Edison managed to make lightbulbs. But the most important invention by far  was the Steam Locomotive. The Steam Locomotive used steam to propel a railcar across far lands. It quickly changed America, and soon the Railroads were built to all of the corners of the country. Transportation was soon dramatically more consistent and faster.

There were many more inventions in the 1800’s but these were part of the Industrial Revolution which changed the US so much. Without the Industrial Revolution, we would not have computers, not to mention telephones or lights!


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