The Mexican-American War. L60

The Mexican-American War started by James Polk moving troops into a strip of land which was being argued if it was the Texans territory, or if it was the Mexicans territory. Texas was added to the United States by James Polk on December 29th, 1845.
There was a border dispute, so when Polk put troops commanded by Kearny and Stockton at the disputed area, Mexican cavalry attacked the troops on April 25, 1846. This is what Polk had been waiting for because he did not want to be the one who started the entire war. Kearny and Stockton quickly conquered the strip of land, for at that time there were not that many people who lived there.
Santa Anna was the former president of the Mexicans but was exiled. But because the Mexicans did not have a good general, the Mexicans had to ask Santa Anna (who was in Cuba) to come back. Santa Anna tricked Polk into letting him back to Mexico and began organizing a giant army. The battle after that, the battle of Buena Vista was the war’s biggest battle.
It began on February 11th in the morning. Santa Anna’s army attacked. Because the Mexican’s army was so very much bigger, Taylor’s men were very hard poised. Then the Artillery reinforcements arrived, and this is what Taylor said, “Double-shot your guns and give ‘em hell, Bragg.” Well, the Artillery was the turning point and the US managed to repeal the much larger Mexican army. After the battle, General Winfield Scott went in Mexico and started a march towards their capital. Then by September 1847, General Winfield Scott had overcome the Mexicans and was in control of the Mexican’s capital, Mexico City.
A treaty was signed, and it made it so that the Border of Texas was changed to the Rio Grande River, and Alto California and the Santa Are de Nuevo Mexico territories were added to the United States. But sadly for the Mexicans, gold was found a couple days before the treaty was signed in California…

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