A Feasible Job I Could Do. L70

What I could do in summer is teach a couple kids survival skills. Now I know some friends from church and two kid’s mom’s said they would be interested in a survival class for their kids. It would be hard to get a business started like this, but it is a short job that I could do some time.
I have some experience for Survival, SAR, and First Aid by my Science Teacher and also swimming courses and many videos, and am really interested in Survival so I think it would be fun to teach kids Survival. I think around $30-$50 starting fee, and every time you come around $5. Then I could get most of the equipment they need with the starting fee and any extra things I can save up with the $5. I would get them to sign a waiver form just in case. I think it is a pretty good Idea that I could try out, and I think that it would be great.
The few problems I can think of are that I might not be able to make this continue because I don’t have that many friends that are interested in Survival and don’t know much, and also because of safety concerns parents have.

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