President Abraham Lincoln. L70

President Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president and was Born in 1809 in Kentucky to Thomas and Nancy Lincoln, who were the richest farming families in their country. Their family was forced to move to Indiana in 1816 when their father lost most of his property in a legal dispute over land titles. He grew up in a non-slave territory, but that was changed when he moved westward to Illinois in 1830.
Abraham Lincoln was very strong and moved out of his house at the age of 21. At first, he worked on a flatboat, then later became a partner in a general store. He was mostly self-taught and even taught himself law in his early 20’s. Abraham Lincoln became the State Legislator in 1834 and was admitted to the bar in Illinois, 1836. He married Mary Todd in 1842, they planned to get married in 1841, broke off, then re-meet and got married right away. Abraham Lincoln was a very affectionate father of four children, although he was absent much of their life.
Abraham Lincoln had one term in Congress, then returned to politics in 1854 and built a republican party in his state which replaced the whigs. He was a great orator, and in 1858 made his most famous speech, the house divided. Abraham Lincoln realized on side of the slavery debate would have to come out on top sooner or later, and established a vision for the future. He felt that the United States had to go either all free states or all slave states. Abraham Lincoln ran for being the republican senator for Illinois and hoped to unseat Stephen Douglas. Newspapers took sides and tried to make their favored candidate look better. Abraham Lincoln lost the debate, but widespread coverage gained him national recognition.
He was considered a moderate and won the election based solely on the North and West states, for note a ballot was cast for him in 10 or 14 southern states. Later 7 southern states seceded, and Abraham Lincoln did not express a strong opinion for or against abolition. He immediately suspended the rights of the habeas corpus and arrested many people along the border without trial. He later cleaned up the Trent affair, which avoided the British from entering the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln read books on war and became a good strategist. It marked another advancement of the police state in America. The emancipation proclamation in 1862 was a solid decision to support Abolition.
1863, many of the freed slaves organized into their own regiments and joined the war, and many had called for abolition. But those who had called for abolition was not prepared to integrate the freed slaves into their lives and treat them the same, so a new tension arose after the war. Lincoln’s speech to be re-elected only lasted 3 minutes, but even though he has his doubts that he would be re-elected, he was.
Later, Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head by John Wilkes Booth, a confederate sympathizer at Ford’s theater in Washington D.C. He died on the morning of April 15, 1865, and was buried in Springfield Illinois. While Abraham Lincoln did do a good job, he did not provide for equal rights, and the forced re-uniting centralized a large amount of power under the federal government.

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