The Lifecycle of Butterflies (Research Paper) Outline. L70

Monarch Butterflies
    There are a couple parts to the lifecycle
    The Egg to the Larva
    The Larva to the Pupa
    The Pupa to the butterflies
    Explain all these in details
Monarch Butterflies
    Every butterfly uses a single kind of plant to lay its eggs on.
    The monarch butterflies uses the Milkweed plants
    That’s because Milkweed plants contain a toxin that is toxic to other bugs/animals
    So the monarch butterfly is very colorful so that predators know that they are unedible
Larva to Pupa—
    Stage One
        After the Larva eats its way out of the egg, it eats the whole egg
        It starts to eat milkweed leaves too, and later grows larger after feasting
        Now this stage is the most dangerous stage, once this stage is passed, everything
    should be easier
        The larva then sheds its skin because its skin has grown too small, It later grows a new
    Stage 2-5
        The Larva just kept on doing that and now has shed its skin 5 times, and can eat one
        leaf in an hour now! it is very big, a caterpillar some people say.
        So after all that eating and all that feasting, it now is ready for the last stage
    the Pupa/Chrysalis is the next stage, where the larva/caterpillar turns into its “cocoon” and starts the process of turning into a butterfly
    First, the larva makes a small string/belt to make sure that they won’t fall, and then they shed their skin for the last and final time.
    underneath that skin is the chrysalis, which is a soft shell that in time becomes pretty hard.
    The pupa now is in the chrysalis and stays there for 10 days
    During those 10 days, the pupa releases digestive enzymes and practically disintegrates itself into a soup with a few bits of goop.
    DISGUSTING! but cool…
    Then, the goopy stuff forms itself into a butterfly. By that time, the Chrysalis has already become transparent, and the now butterfly comes out of the chrysalis.
    When the butterfly comes out, its wings are still wet and small, so it pumps nutrients and other things into its wings for them to grow big and dry. They spend the rest of the day exercising and preparing themselves, and they take their first flight!
    they now don’t wait, and immediately go find another monarch butterfly to reproduce with.
    Studies show that butterflies remember what happened when they were a caterpillar, even through that liquefying

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