Generals of the Civil War. L75

The Civil war had many generals, of which the two most well known would be General Grant and General Lee. Other than those two, there are many others. I will be talking about General George Henry Thomas from the Union side, and also General Stonewall Jackson.
General Stonewall Jackson is the best-known confederate general after Lee. He graduated from the Virginia Military Institute and was General Lee’s right-hand man until his accidental death at Chancellor’s Ville. He was a very Christian man, and all his decisions were unquestioned by either side. He was a very brave man and was missed by everyone.
General George Henry Thomas was born in 1816, and even though he was a Virginian, he decided to side with the Unions. He had served in the Mexican-American side of the War and won one of the first Union victories, Mill Springs in Kentucky. George, later on, earned the Nickname, “Rock of Chickamauga” He completely defeated General John Bell in the 1864 battle of Nashville. He had a very successful record but does not get the same recognition, because he and General Grant were not very good friends.
These generals all made a big change, but in the end of the war, the Union side won, so now we have no slaves, and everyone has Freedom! (well, mostly everyone)

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