How Making Fires Has Improved! L80

Fire Making has been a very important skill which has allowed us to get far in technology. Making Fires has improved and become much easier. People would have used Flint and Steel and Friction fires, but now we can use matches, lighters, electricity/chemicals, and Fire Steels. It is much easier to start a fire these days than it was, and we also have many more choices as of how to make a fire.
The Flint and Steel is one of the main ways fire was started. Flint is a very hard rock that was used as a knife to cut things. Making a fire with Flint and Steel would be by striking flint and steel together, first making sure that the flint is sharp. Strike it with the edge facing the steel, and that will make a few short sparks. Gather something which could hold a spark, and strike sparks into it to get an ember! After that put the ember in a birds nest and blow it to flames! You get sparks because striking the Flint against the Steel removes pieces of the steel that immediately combust when they get enough oxygen.
Flint is found by looking under uplifted roots of a dead tree in damp climates. By the way, Quartz also works as Flint. Make sure you have a sharp edge on your Flint, for if you don’t, it won’t work. The things that catch the Spark have to be very specific, you can use Char-cloth or something like Chaga. Char-cloth is just taking a sort of cloth, like jeans, and putting them over a fire in a metal can which has a hole in it. That it will char the cloth until it is completely black, and you will know it is done if flame stops to spew out of the hole in the tin. Chaga and Horse hoof fungus are also usable but do not work as well as Char-cloth. You also want your tinder bundle (birds nest), for it is what will make the ember burst to flames. It is a composition of all types of tinders(the SUPER flammable things) and has to let plenty of air get through. Dry grass, birch bark, and all sorts of flash tinder’s work well.
Friction Fires were also used back then, of which one of the main ways was to make a bow drill. The bow drill can be made two ways, I will be talking about the modern (and improved) way. First, you make a flat board of wood, and after making an indent in the wood, make a big V cut out. Then place a piece of bark underneath the wood to catch the ember when it forms. Take another smooth stick which should be like a dowel, although it would best if it were to be fat on the bottom, and thin on the top. The bottom should go in the indent in the wood, and the top goes on another piece of wood. Then attach a string/shoelace to the dowel, and spin the down around and around. Soon, you should have an ember formed, and put it in a tinder bundle and blow it to flames! This way of making fires usually only works when the wood is dry and soft.
Newer ways of making fires include with matches, lighters, fire steels, chemicals, and electricity. Matches can make a fire because the match head contains one chemical, the matchbox another, and so when you strike the both together, the match head combusts! Lighters make fire by letting out gas so then when a miniature fire steel inside sparks, the gas bursts into flames. Fire Steel’s work by scraping of metal shavings which when they get enough air, combust into VERY hot sparks that lay burning for a while. Electrical fires can be made by taking steel wool and a nine-volt battery, so when you touch them together, the nine-volt battery short circuits, and so the steel wool bursts into flames. Chemical reactions such as Potassium Chlorate and Sugar together can cause a fire, and we have many more ways of making fire!
Fire has progressed very far these days, and even though it has caused many lives, I bet it has saved many more!

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