President Andrew Johnson and the Reconstruction. L80

During the years of 1865-1880, there was a political movement called the Reconstruction. Even though all they went through, there still was another 100 years until black people would have equal rights in America. Extremely harsh terms were made and enforced by the military in the South, but because it was so rigid, all it did was to make tension in the South.
Andrew Johnson became President after Lincoln’s death in 1865. He was born in poverty in North Carolina in 1808 and was married to 16-year-old Eliza McCardle at the age of 18 who tutored him in math and writing. He worked as a tailor and mayor in Teal Tennessee before he has elected to the house of representative in 1835, then served as a US representative and the Senate. He supported the Homestead bill, and even though he had southern roots, he was with the Unionists in the Civil War. Ran as a democrat vice president with Republican Lincoln, and later became president.
The Congress and him did not get along very well, for the Congress wanted to change the South immediately to the Unionists’ ways, but he wanted to slowly change them so they could get used to it. The tension came to a head in 1868, and the Congress called for Johnson to be put on trial. The President would have to be found guilty by a 2/3rd of the note or else would be acquitted of the charges. The trial was concluded 14 days later on May 16 with Johnson’s acquittal. The final tally of votes for conviction was one less to being found guilty.
The Klux Klan was the name used by separate movements in US history. They organized in 1860 as a reaction the Reconstruction. They were known for their secrecy and the costumes, which were large white robes and pointed hoods that cover the wearer’s face. They were very violent, and they burned houses, killed blacks, and left threatening messages for elected officials. Even though the Congress did not do the right things, this was by NO MEANS a justified response. They were disbanded by 1869, and this spawned several other violent groups like the White League and the Red Shirts.
The reconstruction was a long period of craziness, and even through the long fight, it was only resolved 100 years later…
*This is my own opinion
*I do NOT mean any type of offense whatever to black people

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