Buying/Renting a Car. L95

Nowadays, cars are a very important part of life. Especially if you live in a big city, cars are very important to get to places around the city. Cars can be the second most expensive thing you will ever buy. When getting a car, you have to consider the initial cost, and also long term and eventual costs that might appear. Also, you will have to consider if you will be leasing, buying a new car, or buying a used one.
Leasing cars might be a good option depending on what you will be doing. The good thing about leasing cars is that it usually covers maintenance and repair. When you buy a car and use for six years, according to, leasing can be around $23,476, a new car $28,104, and a used car at $20,364. While if you consider depreciation and selling the car after the six years, the picture changes. Leasing is the same at $23,476, a new car at $18,417, and a used car at $15,570. According to long-term use, leasing might not be the best option.
Safety is very important to have in cars. It will help avoid crashes, and also protect you even more if in a crash. Even if your car is very strong, it is very important to still not be rash, just because you know that nobody will get seriously injured. Gas mileage is also very important in a car, because then you will be able to go farther per oil stop, and also be able to conserve oil so that you won’t spend as much money on it. The last two things that I think are super important are reliability, and a quality/cost ratio. Reliability is very important because you don’t want to be going to a meeting and getting there late just because your car didn’t start. You also need to have high quality with a low price. That is very important.
I think cars are needed once you have to go far every day, and it is very important to know what type of car to buy and whether to lease, or buy a new or used car.

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