President Woodrow Wilson. L100

Woodrow Wilson was born in 1856 Virginia and was a son of confederate sympathizers. This was because his father was a protestant preacher who briefly served as chaplain to the confederate army and who offered his chapel as a hospital for soldiers.
He learned how to read at age 10, and went to Davidson college. He went on to graduate from Virginia’s law school and then got a doctorate degree at John Hopkin’s University in 1886. He was a printer in 1890, and from 1902-1910, he served as the president of Princeton(the university of Virginia), which gained him national popularity. Later, he married Ellen Axson and had 3 daughters before Ellen died in 1914. In 1912, he received the democratic nomination for president and would have lost the vote, except that the Republicans were split between him and William Taft.
He added two entire cabinet departments and was the president during the passing of 4 new constitutional amendments, numbers 16-19. In 1914, when WW1 started, he worked very hard to keep the US from being pulled in, because he felt that they had no obligation to go to war. The nation rewarded him by rejecting him in 1916, and he ran under the campaign slogan, “he kept us out of war.” His first term was busy with domestic pointy and government expansion, and his second consumed by WW1 and his heath issues. They joined the war in 1917 and helped to bring about its end in 1918.
In 1919, he was partially paralyzed in the rest of his life and was helped in his duties by his second wife, Edith Galt. He organized many different acts, and left the office in March 1921, and presided in Washington DC, dying at his home on Feb 3, 1924 He left quite a legacy, which is normally quite positive, but it should be remembered negatively because of the immense amount of power given to the federal government, and the oppressive laws that were passed during his presidency.

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