Rough Outline of My Book

Chapter 1: The Orphanage
    Introduce Frank as a strong, 16 yr old orphan in an orphan’s house. The leader of the poorhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Owens, mayor of the city is also bad, the name is bryneside. They force him to do much work. Frank tortured to do work, and desires to run away, finds a chance on the day messenger comes and delivers the news that they Unions are with war at the Confederates.
Chapter 2: Freedom!
    Frank manages to steal newspaper and run away, pretends that he is 18 so he can go to war.Frank after much hassle of escaping, manages to get a small job at a grocery store, but Owens     Finds him. Goes to enlist, pt in a group for training. There meets Gram, Harold. Training hard, but learns to fight with dagger, pistol, and rifle.
Chapter 3: Aboard!
    Frank gets aboard the ship to rescue everyone, meets bully, Mark. Mark bullies him and his friends/

He stands up, fights Mark, gets into trouble. Mark makes real trouble for him by putting cigarettes in his coat and lighting part of food stock on fire. General asks who it is, and Mark points to Frank. Frank punished again.

Chapter 4: Payback
    Frank’s friends found some proof that it was Mark, spends the whole time finding more, meanwhile, frank stuck in small prison thingy with only stale bread and water. Mark gets into SERIOUS trouble for lying, putting blame on someone else, and also lighting the food stock on fire. Enemies spotted.
Chap 5: Land Ahoy
    Arrived close to land, when Indians set ships on fire towards the big ship, then they started to burn the ship down. Now the ship was sinking, and everyone was called to go on a lifeboat. Everyone but Frank got on. Frank alone on a piece of wreckage. He gets to land when surrounded by Indians
Chapter 6: Captured
    The Indians ask him why he is there, with an interpreter. Now, it was a secret mission to route out the Indians, so he didn’t tell them, for it would ruin ALL the preparations, so he remained silent. They put him in a jail cell without food with a pretty little girl, Alice. Alice was starving, so he gave her the rest of a piece of stale bread he had in his pocket. They tried to think of a plan to get away. Everywhere thick, though…
Chap 7: Escape!
     He tears apart the blanket, spends a long time knitting clothes, and also getting rubber off
     His boots to make them look black. Alice knows Indian, they both learn it very well. Now they have to find the time to get out. They are given another meal until the Indians are ordered to rush out and attack his team. He finds his chance and ties up the one who gave them food and rushes out. they manage to steal a horse, and are followed by the Indians until the horse is shot down, The both rush into the forest, and get to the beach.
Chap 8: Danger
    They manage to get to the beach, and when there, meets up with his team, has no time to explain, just says that the Indians are rushing over right now. The general realizes he accidentally left only 2 people back at their only small boat left and rushes to get more people there. He says thanks to Frank and rushes off. Then, the Indians appear and rush wildly at Frank and his friends and Alice. He tells Alice to follow the general, and he and his friends fight.
Chap 9: Attack
    They manage to hold the Indians off until the general comes back, and as the rest of the people come back, the Indians rush off. General says thanks again and promotes him. Frank now knows the Indian’s base’s layout, so he then tell’s them a plan to save the rest of the captives and capture the Indians. They rush off at night and manage to get most of the captives. but the Indian chief and a couple others run away with another prisoner, who is Alice’s dad. The Indians hold him and another guy captive
Chap  10. The Search
The messenger comes and asks them for 250,000 Dollars so that they will return him and the other guy or kill them. Alice, a rich heiress, agrees, YES YES YES! but Frank said that would just encourage them, so they should not pay them, and try to take him back. He and his friends go stealthily with paint to rescue him. On the way, his friends joke that he should marry her. She secretly gave him a token to get safely through, he didn’t say that he liked her, though, but he DID. On the way there, they see some blood, and are worried that it was Alice;s dad’s blood. JOHN
Chap 11. Night Attack
    They silently go, and on the way, camp silently for the night. They comfortably make a fire, and then they hear some howls…. Wolves! The wolves come near them, one at a time. Harold= Well, we can handle one or two…. Later they see around 8-10 wolves surrounding them, looking at the deer they have killed. And, them. They needed deer, for that was their only food. They took up weapons, and as soon as one of the wolves advanced, shot. ran out of bullets, so they took out their knives. Now the only leader of the pack left facing Frank. Frank whips out a knife, slashes wolves thigh. Wolves howls, but slowly dies. Injured Frank. Frank unconscious, a big gash in the side, and also many small cuts and bruises.
Chap 12. The Fight
    Everyone at least slightly injured. Frank regains consciousness, and says=Lets keep going! Doesn’t matter! So they bandaged up his wounds with some of their clothes and cleaned ‘em up why some plants they found. They continued on their way. Gram used to be a magician, so he was a venquilitrost. Rushing up, they found the Indian base. Once they got there, they found out that most of the Indians were either sleeping, or just smoking, but there were 2 Indians guarding a tent. That looked like it might be where the prisoners were! Whoop! Gram used his speaking powers to make it seem like there were hundreds of people in a different direction, then Harold would cover up the exits. Frank rushed in, kill the guard(s), and take out John to safety, then, they would get Frank and John on a horse, and when frank and Alice were riding back, Gram and Harold would hide with whoever was the other person and get back eventually… That was the plan. Only bad thing about it, was that FRANK was injured, and who knows how injured John and the other guy was?
Chap 13. The Chase
    Frank on the way back, but several Indians chasing. John didn’t faint yet but kept on. She used a pistol and managed to shoot one of them, but suddenly two groups of Indians popped up in front of them and shot the horse down. They rushed into the forest but were followed. Frank gets John to hide in a hollow of a tree. He hides behind a different tree and shoots. shoots many down, but to many of them. Suddenly John and Harold appeared, holding Gram and another Guy. Was it Mark? whatever. They surprised Indians and managed to capture the Chief. Tied him up. All of them really tired, Frank got a really serious wound. Gram pretty serious, but that guy. super serious
Chap 14. Mark?
    Frank realizes that that almost completely dead guy was Mark. Mark had a spear pass through the shoulder, and Frank through the side of him. Barely missed internal stuff. The rest o the party rushes up to them, and helps them back, taking the Indian chief. Mark said, “ha ha, now we are even :p”. They rest in the hospital and are healing. Alice and Her Father John, come and are super thankful, so is Mark. Frank says, no its ok, everything’s fine, b but john really wants to give him something, so Frank says its ok, But insist, so John proposes 100,000. That was a lot. he says fine, I’ll take 100. it is ok, though. Realizes Frank likes Alice, gives him his permission to marry Alice, cause knows Alice likes frank
Chap 15. Married
    Frank healed, they invite him to go to John’s house to have supper. Has good supper meets all parents, and then proposes to Alice. Alice cries, then gladly accepts, and they went to live away from the Indians. Indian chief already turned in, and he sentenced to Jail for trying to get money and stuff by threats. So they live happily ever after.

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