Rough Draft of Chapter 1: The Orphanage

“I won’t do it, Dan, I won’t. It is horrible to do such a thing.”

“He dropped my vase,” was the reply, “and don’t you remember what I can do? Now, go!”

“You may spill the beans if you like, but I won’t hit him. Follow me Charlie; I need you to help me fulfill Mrs. Owens wishes for the firewood.”

So saying, Frank Cheeseman left, followed by Charlie, a young orphan of around 12 years old. Leaving behind Dan, the bully of the Orangewood Orphanage and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Owens, of whom was looking at him will a sneer on his face.

Frank Cheeseman was a well-built, 16-year-old orphan, had been stuck at the Orphan House ever since he was born. He, as well as many other orphans, had been forced to live there for most, if not all of their lives under the selfish control of the leaders of the Orphanage, Mr. and Mrs. Owens.

“Honey, there isn’t enough firewood, get one of the children to cut some,” said Mr. Owens as he sat on a couch smoking,

“Fine, I’ll call them, those lazy kids.”

As Frank and Charlie were walking by, Mrs. Owens asked, “Where is all the firewood, don’t you remember anything we taught you?”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Owens, but we were just walking back from washing the dishes.”

“Well skedaddle, better get going! We are all going to freeze to death at this rate!”

Now at this moment, it was not cold by any means. In fact, it was the middle of summer. But Frank and Charlie, who were smart enough not to argue, quickly ran off. Charlie shivering with fear.

“Mrs. Owens is getting more and more fretful every day! Oh, let’s better finish this fast.”

They quickly got to work cutting wood, but after a short period of time, Dan showed up.

“You people sure are in trouble now! You will pay for not listening to me!”

Then, they heard footsteps and Mr. Owens voice, saying, “Kids, what’s taking you so long, finish quicker! You might think that you kids are just snails by the way you work.”

They finished the job quickly and went into the barn where Mr. and Mrs. Owens were waiting, along with a couple other kids. Now there was Tommy, who was always up to trouble. Nate had been a recent arrival, who had just started to receive the cruel ways and punishments of the parents. There were also a couple very old grandparents who lived there, in their beds not treated properly.

Now they all gathered at the barn whenever someone had committed a “crime” in the eyes of Mrs. Owens. This was a new experience for Nate, so Tommy decided to make as creepy as possible for him. He started to whisper things in his ear, like, “Now here is when they stop giving us food.” Or something like that.

“Shut your mouth! Tommy!” said Mr. Owens, making Tommy snap his mouth together so fast that it made a big clapping sound.

“Today someone has been bad. I’ve heard that someone, when stealing a very expensive vase, dropped it, and refused to do anything, nor did his friend make a noise about it. NOW WHO IS IT?”

Silence prevailed as he said that, and he slowly lifted his gaze on everyone, until he stopped on Charlie. Now as soon as Frank noticed that, he knew that Charlie would give it out that he dropped the vase, so Frank stood up.

“I did it! No one accompanied me, and I purely dropped the vase when holding it.”

“You excuse of a human being, you dare question me you orphan?” was the reply, and as there was no answer, he said, “Come here, take your jacket we provided you with off, and lean over this pole! Dan, bring me my belt!”

“We provide you with food, clothes, shelter, and yet you dare steal? You lie too?”

Seething with rage, Mr. Owen slashed the belt across his back 5 times. The thoughts going through Frank’s mind at that time were off how Charlie would have been the one there at that time, and his thoughts on what Mr. Owen said. Food? Yeah, more like leftovers of your table. Clothes? You mean the acid splashed jacket and the jeans that are almost ripped apart by dogs? And shelter? Well, at least you give us a ground to sleep on huh?


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