Rough Draft of Chapter 2: The Escape

In the morning, Frank woke up very sore, with the smell of eggs and bacon in the air.

“No,” he told himself, “that is not for us.”

Stirring next to him was Nate, “Mhmm, that smells good! We are getting pretty good breakfast if I may say so myself!”

Then, at that moment Dan appeared in front of the door, “Wakey Wakey! Here has some breakfast!” He sat down at the table, eating the food and letting the scent of the food and coffee float over the room.

Next to everyone groaned, because they knew that Dan was just teasing them. Well, all except for Nate. Dan had brought in an extra plate, and Nate decided to go and help himself. Grabbing a piece of bacon, he munched on it.

Dan rose up with an evil smile on his face, “Now who gave you that bacon, huh? Where are your manners from?”

“Sorry, I should have washed my hands first. Oops, I’m dreadfully sorry.” He replied.

Dan rose up and smacked him in the face, roaring, “No, that food was NOT yours! That was for me! Now you guys will have no more breakfast, to remind you people of your place in this household.”

Frank could not bear staying there and had to do something. So he went to the barn and picked out the eggs from the hens. On the way out, he saw a pack of cigarettes in Dan’s pocket.

“Hmm, that’s weird, I wonder if he smokes…”

After that incident, Nate ran away cupping his cheek and crying, and everyone else prepared for work. When they went outside, they found Dan coming out of a barn.

They heard Dan screaming, “HELP! Someone! Help me put this fire out, quick!”

So they rushed up and made a bucket line to put the fire out, one of them went to tell Mrs. Owens, but Dan screamed for him not to. The fire had started in the haystack, where it was practically impossible to start unless someone had been playing with some sort of heat in there.

Once they finally got the fire under control, Mr. Owens came out of his house, screaming, “Who did this, WHO DID THIS!” Holding up a cigarette butt.

No one raised their hand until Dan pointed at Frank.

“Papa, he did it. I saw him in there, and I smelt smoke.”

Now Frank did not smoke, but he did know that Dan had cigarettes in his pocket, so he guessed that after breakfast Dan might have gone to smoke and accidentally dropped it on the haystack to light it on fire.

“Well, I guess that the chickens, eggs, and barn is gone now,” said Mr. Owens sarcastically, “Frank?”

“Sir, I did not do it. I did go to the barn today to pick up the eggs, but I did not smoke. Charlie and even Tommy can vouch for that.”

“Are you saying that my son is lying, Frank? You lie maker! Now into your room, and rethink what you have done for a minute.”

Frank, angered, went back to his pallet. He did not want to reveal that Dan smoked, but at the same time, that would be the only way he could prove his innocence. Then, for the hundredth time in his life, the idea popped into his head. RUN AWAY. So, he decided to run away from the orphanage. Now if Mr. and Mrs. Owens didn’t want to keep him for an extra 4 years, the didn’t have to. But, because they valued his work, they kept him for longer, saying that he wanted to stay when he actually didn’t.

Frank walked out of the room, and climbed over the fence, thinking, “I’m free! Yay!” But as soon as he got over, he felt the pains over his back hurting all over again. Also, when he got over the fence, an alarm started sounding.


Frank ran as hard as he could, but because his back hurt so much, he could barely run. Luckily, he just came across the local doctor in his buggy. He jumped right in and asked him to go as fast as he could, as far as he could. The doctor always pitied Frank and knew that he was running away, so he didn’t question him as to that.

The doctor took Frank to his office, and asked him, “So what triggered you so much as to make you run away?”

“Dan burned down the barn and blamed it on me,” huffed Frank, “and may you please take a look at my back, it sort of hurts.”

As soon as the Doctor took off his jacket, he silently exclaimed, “Oh heavens!”

For the wounds that Mr. Owens had inflicted upon him were really quite red, and have all scabbed and blistered.

“Well, you’re in safe hands for now.”


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