The Big Bang Theory.

Now the Big Bang Theory is, of this moment, the most popular belief of how the universe came into existence. They believe, that the universe is 13.7 billion years old, and that matter, energy, and space came into existence.  And when it came into existence by a “spark,” Space expanded faster than the speed of light.
There are many common misconceptions about this. Many people believe that the Big Bang theory states that the universe exploded into existence. This is false, the Big Bang theory says there is no explosion. Because if there was an explosion, it would mean the Universe would be non-uniformed, which would mean that large clumps of matter would form, which would mean that they would form black holes. It would create enough of those, that it would work against the explosion of the universe. But the problem is, that the universe itself is uniform. So that is one of the problems with the Big Bang theory.
The second misconception is that they believe that the Big Bang theory says that matter and energy expanded into space. Well, that’s not right. Matter, energy, and space began to expand. That’s right. Space can bend and expand. Earth bends space intact, that is gravity.
I believe that the Big Bang Theory is not true because of how the Bible and Science show that the Universe is young. Why do blue stars still exist in large star clusters? Why does one of Pluto’s moons have volcano’s if it is just space junk? And because the Big Bang theory states that the beginning of the Universe is uniform, why is the Universe the opposite of being uniform?

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